Den Doelder Pallets

Professional in pallets

Den Doelder Pallets produces professional and reliable pallets. We supply quality pallets according to your wishes and when you need them. Due to our central location between the industrial areas of Rotterdam and Antwerp, we can deliver the pallets quickly and throughout Europe.

Every year we produce over 3 million pallets for various customers in Western Europe. The majority of our products go to the steel, food and chemical industry. Our products meet strict quality and environmental requirements and the international regulations ISPM15. You can contact us for both standard and custom pallets. Because we deliver pallets in small amounts, but also in a series of one hundred thousand copies and more.

Den Doelder Pallets


Den Doelder Pallets has two locations, each with its own specialty. Both locations have their own technical service, which allows us to act quickly.

Den Doelder Pallets Axel (Langeweg)

Our office in Axel offers standard pallets and large series of custom work. This facility has fully automatic production lines and a production capacity of 3 million pallets. In addition, this establishment has three drying rooms and there are covered and open terrain storage options. At this spacious location we always have 100 loads of pallets in various sizes in stock. Our 45 employees in Axel are happy to help you.

Den Doelder Pallets Westdorpe (Finlandweg)

At our location in Westdorpe you will find pallets in special dimensions and we produce our specials here. This facility uses both automated and manual production and has a production capacity of 350.0000 products. There is one drying room at this location and again a lot of storage space is available on open terrain. Our 10 employees in Westdorpe are happy to help you with your request for pallets and / or specials.