Environment: your pallet of responsible wood

We think it is important to handle the wood we use responsibly. Fortunately, wood is an environmentally friendly product and therefore easy to recycle. Den Doelder Pallets:

  • Uses wood from ecologically managed forests.
  • Use as much dunnage wood as possible. Dunnage wood is wood that is cut down to give the other trees more space.
  • Processes the wood waste in the chipboard industry.

Den Doelder Pallets is a member of the trade association EPV Nederland and is a member of Stichting Kringloop Hout.

Prepare pallets for international transport

When transporting goods outside European borders, you should consider for the international regulation ISPM15. We guarantee that our products meet the requirements of this law and that our pallets are treated against vermin. You can check this by using the unique feature that is on all our products: NL 007… View our certificate here.

Environmentally friendly heat treatment

Our method against insect control is also environmentally friendly. Instead of gassing with methyl bromide, we opt for a heat treatment. In our drying rooms, the pallets are heated to a core temperature of at least 56 degrees for a period of at least thirty minutes. This treatment is only necessary if you export outside Europe. For some customers, for example for the food industry, the pallets are dried artificially. This prevents mold from forming.

Christian den Doelder

Den Doelder Pallets

Would you like to know more about our responsible pallet production? We are happy to tell you more. The lines of communication between our staff and customers are short, so we can quickly respond to your questions. For general questions you can call or email us. For specific questions, you can directly contact one of our employees.

Christian den Doelder +31 (0) 115 - 56 23 40 christian@dendoelderpallets.eu