Chain management

Chain management is very important to us. For example, we purchase directly from sawmills in Latvia, Estonia and Belarus, among others. The forests in these countries are extremely well managed and are a natural place for birds. Many trees are replanted here, which means that the forests grow quickly.

Active forest management

The desired forest images can be realized with active forest management. The execution of a thinning is an important part of this. For our pallets we use wood from the first or second thinning. Thinning wood is wood that is cut to give more space to surrounding trees. As the forests continue to grow, the trees are harvested. We also use harvested wood for our pallets. Our wood only comes from forests that are well managed. Our PEFC label guarantees that our wood comes from sustainably managed forests.

Towards energy-neutral production

Den Doelder Pallets is on the way to energy-neutral production. We aim to use only green CO2 in our production within a few years. Do you have any questions about our sustainable pallets? For questions you can call or email us.