Design and testing

Den Doelder Pallets has its own drawing program, with which we can design all types of pallets and boxes. In the design we always take into account the balance between functionality and costs. The type of wood, the quality of the wood, the load capacity and the function of the pallet or box play major role in this. A number of purposes also have additional quality requirements. For example, pallets for the food industry must be made from the highest quality wood. The heat treatment is of great importance to prevent moisture and mold.

Certificates and moisture measurements

When the pallets have to meet high quality requirements, we do moisture measurements throughout the entire process. These moisture measurements show how dry the wood is stored, transported and processed.

Fully automatic production lines and customization

We have a fully automatic production line at our location in Axel. This production line can produce 450 pallets per hour and has the necessary quality tests. For example, this line has a camera system that checks all boards and we also have nail detection. In addition, we test our pallets on the maximum load capacity, and we have regular control test on the production lines. We are happy to share these reports with you.


Christian den Doelder

More information

Do you have questions about our design or test process? For questions please call or email us. We are happy to assist you.

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