Own pallet storage? Not necessary!

Many customers do not have a pallet storage area. That is why Den Doelder Pallets has a wide range of products for every client. Our storage contains pallets for one to two weeks in stock for every client. This allows us to always deliver your pallets on the day you need them. That is the just-in-time delivery of Den Doelder Pallets. This saves you a lot of storage space for your pallets.

Super fast delivery

We can guarantee super fast delivery, because we have the supply of raw materials and production entirely in-house. For example, we buy the wood directly from sawmills in Scandinavia and Eastern and Central Europe. The pallets are also produced and transported immediately after your request with one of our regular transporters. This way we are always able to deliver just in time and you save a lot of storage space.

Christian den Doelder

Custom pallets

We can produce all type off pallets. We are also flexible with loading and unloading times. It is also possible to exchange empty trailers with us for new filled trailers. Do you have any questions about our services? For questions you can call us or send us an email. We are happy to assist you.

Christian den Doelder +31 (0) 115 - 56 23 40