Drying chambers

Our Axel site has three drying rooms and our Westdorpe site has one drying room. Depending on the type of pallet, we offer two types of treatments.

* ISPM 15 Heat treatment. With this treatment, the wood is heated to 56 degrees in the core, after which the pallet is suitable for export. This treatment varies from four to eight hours.
* ISPM 15 Heat treatment / Kiln dried. With this treatment, the wood is heated to 56 degrees in the core. The wood is also dried to often below 20% humidity. If you want a lower moisture percentage, this is often also possible. This treatment varies from 24 to 60 hours.

Pallet export outside Europe

Treatment of the wood is only necessary if you export outside Europe. For some customers, for example for the food industry, pallets are artificially dried. The artificial drying of pallets ensures that mold is prevented, so that the pallets meet various hygiene requirements.

Christian den Doelder

More information

Would you like to know more about our drying rooms? We like to help you. For general questions you can call or email us. For specific questions, you can directly contact one of our employees.

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