Pallet production in Axel

The location at the Langeweg in Axel has three fully automatic pallet production lines for standard pallets and large series of custom work. Our pallet factory in Axel has a production capacity of 3 million pallets per year. The location also has three drying rooms and a storage facility on open ground as well as covered. In Axel, 45 employees work on the production of your pallets.

Pallet production in Westdorpe

Our location at Finlandweg in Westdorpe produces custom pallets. In addition to a fully automatic pallet line for large pallets, our pallet factory in Westdorpe has an automatic production line for "specials", such as coil pallets, boxes and other special wooden packaging. Part of this production is produced manually.

Sorting and reconditioning in Mechelen

We sort and repair pallets at our new location in Mechelen. When pallets are rented, they eventually return to depots, such as at our site in Mechelen. Here we sort 1 million pallets annually and repair about 350,000 pallets. This is not only a major development for Den Doelder Pallets, but also an extension of the services we offer. In addition to a sawmill, timber import and our own pallet production, we now also offer pallet reconditioning.

Pallet production in Rijkevorsel

Located in the Kempen, this is our smallest entity where we mainly assemble beam (2-way) pallets in large series. This is done on a recent CAPE production machine. We produce these pallets for numerous customers in the region. Everything that is requested in small series is produced manually. Our pallet production in Rijkevorsel employs 4 employees who have their own transport to deliver the pallets to our customers.


Christian den Doelder

Den Doelder Pallets

Are you interested in the pallet production of Den Doelder Pallets in Axel or Westdorpe? We like to help you. For general questions you can call or email us. For specific questions, you can directly contact one of our employees.

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