Sorting and repair in Mechelen

Since June 2019 we have opened a new location in Mechelen. Here we sort 1 million pallets annually and repair about 350,000 pallets for our customer LPR.

Reconditioning of pallets

We rent approximately 80 million pallets throughout Europe every year. After the rental, the pallets return to depots, as is now the case with us in Mechelen. They are checked and if necessary repaired. For our company, this is not only a development in growth, but also a broadening of our services. We now have all facets of the market in house, sawmill, timber import, pallet production and now also pallet racks.

State-of-the-art sorting line

For the reconditioning of the pallets, investments have been made in an ultramodern pallet sorting line. The line can sort about 500 pallets per hour by various qualities. The grades are then automatically forwarded to a double repair line. There are repair technicians who repair the rejected pallets and place them back in the sorting line.

The corners of the pallets are automatically neatly cut to specification afterwhich a press presses any protruding nails into the wood, so that no damage can be done to the customer's packaging.

The pallets are then automatically stacked and pass through a paint spray booth. Here the pallets are sprayed completely red, so that the pallets are recognizable according to the LPR specification.

Christian den Doelder

More information

Could you like to know more about our responsible pallet sorting line? Or do you have questions about deliveries or customization? We are happy to assist. For general questions you can call or email us. For specific questions, you can directly contact one of our employees.

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