Wooden transport and export boxes

In addition to new pallets and used pallets, Den Doelder also develops wooden transport-and export boxes. We design and produce in large series, but also the purchase of one wooden transport box is possible. We will tell you more about it.

Optimal protection

A wooden transport box is extremely suitable for transporting amongst others works of art, cars and other valuable products. In a transport box made of wood, valuable goods are fully protected and transported extremely safely. At Den Doelder Pallets, we are able to design all types of boxes, taking into account the objectives and safety requirements.

A safe and sustainable transport

We think it is important to handle the wood we use responsibly. All our export boxes are therefore made from thinning wood from ecologically managed forests. dunnage wood is wood that is cut down to give the other trees more space. Each transport box is also designed and tested by us. That is why the boxes are strong and you can use them several times. So this is very durable.

Fast delivery

We understand very well that you do not always know well in advance when you need to have goods packaged. However, when the time comes, you should be able to act quickly. This way you are assured that your precious goods can be transported with the next air, ship or freight transport. At Den Doelder Pallets we can deliver your wooden transport box quickly, without compromising on quality.


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In addition to pallets, Den Doelder Pallets also develops boxes. For example, industrial boxes are very suitable for the transport of works of art or cars. We ensure that your valuable products are safely packed. All sizes of boxes are possible. Our own drawing program can design all types of boxes, taking into account the purposes, the type of wood and the safety requirements.

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