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Den Doelder produces professional and reliable pallets for various industries. Every year we produce over three million new pallets for the most diverse customers in Western Europe. The majority of our products go to the steel, food and chemical industry. We are happy to help you with both standard pallets and custom pallets, which we can deliver to you just in time. We will tell you more about it.

Types of pallets

Den Doelder's new standard pallets are CP pallets, VMF pallets and Euro pallets.

CP Pallets

CP stands for Chemistry Pallets. This type of pallet is available in nine versions. CP pallets are mainly supplied to the European chemical and plastics industry, although they can also be used in other industries. CP pallets have a smooth structure and are easy to maintain. We have various new CP pallets in stock as standard, such as the CP1 to CP9. If you want a single deck, double deck, or a perimetric (5 skid) deck? Den Doelder Pallets can also help you with this. You can reach us easily for ordering new CP pallets.

VMF pallets

VMF pallets were originally created for the glass industry, especially for the transport of bottles. VMF pallets can be heat treated and repaired for repeated use. You can easily order your new VMF pallets via Den Doelder Pallets.

Euro pallets

The third type of standard pallet is the Euro pallet. Euro pallets are the most commonly used pallets in Europe and meet the dimensions and specifications set by the European Pallet Association. Euro pallets are often used in warehouses and are suitable for multiple uses. Den Doelder Pallets guarantees the quality of its Euro pallets, so that the balance between functionality and costs is optimal. Before production starts, we will work with you to see for which purposes the Euro pallets will be used and we will advise you on, among other things, the type of wood.

Customized pallets

In addition to standard pallets, Den Doelder also supplies customized pallets. That is why we always have suitable new pallets available for you. If we do not have a suitable pallet for you, we will produce it. You can choose from five different production lines. At Den Doelder, however, we go further than just standard pallets. We also have pallets for round shapes. For example, we offer customers in the metal industry a good solution for the transport of metal coils: coil pallets. These pallets have a wooden triangle on two sides. In this way the metal rolls remain in the right place. Do you regularly transport special products? Our industrial crates are very suitable for this. When you contact us, we will work out a suitable packaging for your product.

Christian den Doelder

Order new pallets from Den Doelder Pallets

Are you interested in ordering new pallets from Den Doelder? We are happy to assist you. The lines of communication between our employees and customers are short, so that we can respond quickly to your questions. For specific questions, please contact directly one of our employees.

Christian den Doelder +31 (0) 115 - 56 23 40 christian@dendoelderpallets.eu