Construction industry

If you are looking for pallets for the construction industry, Den Doelder Pallets is the right place for you. We have a wide range of standard pallets, but can also provide you with customized pallets. This means that you always find suitable pallets for your products at Den Doelder Pallets.

Solid pallets

When you supply products to the construction industry, it is important that these products can withstand all weather conditions. It is also important that the pallets have sufficient load-bearing capacity and the correct dimensions. Den Doelder Pallets supplies pallets that meet all these conditions. Even when you supply special products, we can provide you with suitable pallets to protect these products.

Types of wood

Pallets for the construction industry are developed from different types of wood. Together with you we will look at the needs for the pallets and we recommend the right type of wood. Our pallets are often delivered to companies in the construction industry in the European market.

Contact us

Are you curious about the most suitable pallet for your construction products? You can contact us by phone or email. For specific questions, please contact one of our employees directly. We are happy to advise you in the use of the correct type of pallet.