Pallets for the food industry

Pallets come in various shapes and sizes and can be used for different products. When you want to transport products from the food industry, it is important that these pallets meet certain standards. Den Doelder Pallets has special hygienic pallets in its range, so you can transport your food without any worries. These pallets are dried artificially, which prevents mold from forming.


Pallets for the food industry must comply with special guidelines. For example, mold must be prevented. To ensure quality, the wood is kept dry from the sawmill. At the sawmill, wood for the food industry is dried for two to three weeks. In this way, no curvature/ torsion  can arise. The wood is then transported dry to Den Doelder Pallets by road transport. We process the wood in pallets and ensure dry storage and dry transport to the end customer.

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