Den Doelder Pallets is specialized in the production of professional and reliable pallets, export crates and lumber. With us it is possible to purchase from one or a few quantities to series of one hundred thousand pieces and more. These pallets and export boxes meet all requirements for international transport. To make this transport extremely safe and smooth, you can contact us for packaging and wood.

Buy packaging and dunnage

On request we supply planks and beams to finish boxes or pallets. This way you can provide extra protection for your goods to be transported against, for example, dust, moisture and impact damage. The planks and beams serve as a barrier function. In addition, it is possible to buy dunnage to secure loads or secure shiploads. The dunnage prevents shifts that can occur during transport. With the right packaging material and wood, you can be sure of a safe transport of your precious goods.


Pallets, wooden export crates, packaging materials and dunnage are available at Den Doelder Pallets in various sizes and lengths. This is because we design and test all products ourselves, so that customization is possible. So we can meet your specific demand and wish.

Christian den Doelder

Make loads safer

You can buy customized planks, beams and wood for a safe load from us. Do you have any questions about this? Please contact us by phone or e-mail. For specific questions, our staff is happy to help you.

Christian den Doelder +31 (0) 115 - 56 23 40