Used wooden pallets

Den Doelder Pallets produces professional and reliable pallets for the most diverse industries. In addition to new pallets, we also have used wooden pallets in the range. The used pallets have different load capacities and are available in various sizes.

Why used pallets?

Pallets that have been used only once often still suffice for most industries in terms of function and safety. Pallets may not be used a second time in the food industry and pharmacy, but they are allowed for many other industries. That is why Den Doelder offers used pallets in addition to new pallets. You can reduce costs by reusing pallets. This also means that a pallet lasts longer and this way we contribute to the environment.

Quality for you as a customer

Whether you choose new or used pallets at Den Doelder; quality is our top priority. All our pallets receive an environmentally friendly heat treatment in our drying rooms. This makes the pallets even more suitable for export. Do you have used pallets that no longer meet the quality requirements? Then we would be happy to collect them from you and immediately deliver you a load of new pallets. We can also collect waste wood from you, so that you are completely unburdened and always have the highest quality pallets at your disposal.


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Would you like more information about our new and used pallets? For general questions you can always call us or send an e-mail. For specific questions, please contact directly one of our employees. We are happy to advise you in the use of the correct type of pallet.

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